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Jean Paul Gaultier - Madonna's Jacket, Fashion Show 1992

Jean Paul Gaultier is an important figure in French fashion who has known, throughout his artistic creation, that has made the codes evolve. This king of transgression has managed to thwart the codes of the traditional bourgeoisie with humor, forever marking a whole generation.

Each season his feminine lines propose new directions, the casualness asserts its modernity and his mixtures generate a new way of dressing.

In 1990, Jean Paul Gaultier chose Madonna to become the muse of his brand, and collaborated with the star for his global show "Blond Ambition World Tour".

Jean Paul Gaultier 92's Runway - Jacket

It is particularly during the ready-to-wear 1992 winter fashion show, "Europe of the future", crossbreeding of emigrations on the folk traditions of each country, that we find this pied-de-poule jacket which will then know a great success with the public.


After being worn by Madonna during the TV show 7 sur 7 hosted by Anne Sinclair, many people lined up the next day in front of the Jean Paul Gaultier boutique on the street to buy this jacket.

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