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Pharrell Williams: A new era for Louis Vuitton

On Tuesday June 20, 2023, on the Pont Neuf, the first Louis Vuitton men's fashion show was held under the direction of Pharrell Williams.

Last February, he was appointed artistic director of the men's collections, succeeding Virgil Abloh. The show welcomed 1,700 guests at one of Paris' most emblematic locations.

fashion show Louis vuitton Pharrell Williams

It was one of the most eagerly awaited shows of the season. Pharrell Williams pulled out all the stops, making this an unforgettable event.

The silhouettes are made up of squares of different sizes and colors, a checkerboard created in 1888 to combat counterfeiting.

Flare dress style

Louis Vuitton Robe Evasée vintage

At La Mode Vintage, we have atypical Louis Vuitton pieces from collections or collaborations with other designers.

Striped Jumpsuit

Patterned dress

Showroom parts are also available for international delivery on our website:

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